Wednesday, March 31, 2010

LOST Final Season Video Recaps

If you've been to my YouTube channel recently, you probably noticed that I've started a new regular video series. Since this is the final season of LOST, my favorite show on television, I decided to commemorate each episode by recording weekly recap videos, which include clips of myself and my friend Allison watching the show.

The latest episode: 6.10- The Package
Due to LOST's typically shocking nature and Allison and my energetic personalities, there are plenty of OOs, Ahhs, and WHAT THE HECKS?! to be seen throughout the episode, and they're all shared in these videos.

Whether you watch LOST or not, you may find these entertaining, so give 'em a try!

6.09- Ab Aeterno:

6.08- Recon:

You can see all the recaps HERE!

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