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Cougar Town Quotes "Letting You Go" 4/28/10

Cougar Town is quickly becoming one of the most reliable comedies on TV right now. It is consistently funny week to week and every episode is full of hilarious quotes. In fact, for this episode, it may have been just as effective to post the entire script because everything was funny.

But here are my favorite quotes from episode 1.21 "Letting You Go," which aired Wednesday, April 28 on ABC.
Laurie: My boyfriend, Smith finished law school. He comes home today!
: Wow, that is so... Jules, what's the word for "who cares?"

Jules: (looking at a glass with leftover win
e) You know what? I'm gonna drink it.
Grayson: It's 8am on a Saturday.
Jules: So? This is just like a mimosa! Except for it's got wine instead of champagne and no orange juice.

Laurie: That sounds delicious!

Jules: Mmm! Wine in the morning on weekends. Let's all think about it people!

Laurie and Smith are making out:

Laurie: I forgot how
smooth your teeth are!
Roger (Smith's dad): I'm glad you're home too, son. Forgive me if I don't eat your face.
Laurie: I'm sorry. I have a rule that every kiss must last at least three seconds. It's what the Obamas do.

After Smith accepts Roger's invitation to golf:
Roger: Well thank you. I know you'd prefer to spend your time letting her try to trick a baby out of you.
Smith: Dad, please...
Laurie: I'm
allergic to latex and birth control pills!

After Travis receives a college rejection letter:
Jules: How you holding up there, honey?

Travis: It doesn't feel great to get turned down by a school with four grammatical errors in their rejection letter.
Bobby: You know, I got into that school.

Travis: Cool, kill me.

Laurie: You see that guy over there? (Ju
les looks) Jules! Don't look right at him! (Jules looks again) I said don't look!
Jules: When I hear "don't look," I can't help but look! It's my most specific reflex.

After Travis gets accepted to two schools: Ellie: Wow! So it's either college 20 minutes away in Sarasota, or 20 hours away in California. Which one do YOU want him to go to?
Jules: Doesn't really matter what I want. It's his choice!

Travis: The weather is so good in California!

les: Ya, it also has earthquakes, and uhh, race riots. So you know, everybody just CALM DOWN!
Ellie: And there it is.

Jules tricks Travis into coming downstairs by pretending to be hurt:
Jules: Travis, help! I'm hurt!
Travis: Ya, I'm not falling for that again.
Jules: I'm serious this time! I've twisted my ankle. It might be broken!
Travis: (runs downstairs) Oh no, what?
Ellie and Bobby: SUCKA!

Travis: Great job, adults.

Jules: I just wanted to talk to you. How are you gonna decide between these two colleges? I mean, one is known as the jewel of central southwest Florida, and the other one's i
n a state where people lean out of their car windows and shoot you in the face.

Jules and Travis hug:

Travis: Let's not get weird.

Jules: If I could, I'd have them trim me down, so small... That I could (whispers) live in your blood!

Laurie: But drama is such a turnon! It makes my lady parts beep.
Jules: Would you rather be with someone emotionally stable or someone who, at game night, carves "die bitch" on the kitchen table because you think he sucks at Jenga?

Laurie: There are positives and negatives to both.

Jules: There really aren
Laurie: I know. And, honey, I am sorry about your table.

Jules: That's OK. I added a T so now it says "diet bitch." So actually it's really helpful!

Jules is watching Travis sleep in his bedroom: Travis: Are you watching me sleep?
Jules: You don't usually wake up.

Travis: You've done this before?


Jules whispering to Ellie and Laurie in Travis's room: Leah, Joel, Alexis... That's only 7. Come on, we've gotta be able to figure out all 8 Gosselin kids.

Laurie: Jon?

Ellie: No, he's the creepy, disgusting, wants to be famous father...
Jules: OH! Collin!

Travis: Are you watching me sleep again?

Jules: When I squint, you look just like your sonogram picture!

Travis: Memories!

And the song at the end of the episode was "Something Beautiful" by NEEDTOBREATHE.

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iamrobyn said...

Finally got around to watching it tonight -- it was so good! I watched the final scene where they kissed like 5 times because it was so cute!