Thursday, June 3, 2010

Losing It With Jillian Michaels

The show is called "Losing It" in reference to the people's loss of weight (and baggage), but let me just say: its other meaning is that you, the viewer, will also lose it emotionally.

I watched the first episode featuring the Mastropietro family, and GOOD GRIEF! Tears I didn't know existed in my body flowed down my cheeks as they spilled their emotional baggage that led them to become as unhealthy as they were. I was very surprised to be so pulled into the episode, as tears are rare on my face and are usually only reserved for shows or movies with scenes depicting unfortunate circumstances involving dogs.

Jillian has one week to do a complete 180 change in a family's lifestyle. This means the hour's time is split among exercise, emotional, and nourishment needs. At times it may seem the family changes too quickly to believe, but you have to consider that editing a week's worth of footage into 40 minutes makes it impossible to see all that happens. Besides, they build entire mansions in one week on Extreme Makeover, so who says a little diet and exercise isn't doable? Plus, we get to see Jillian's trademark rage monster unleashed on several occasions, making the time watching the show well worth it, regardless of how it turns out.Sure, the premise is cheesy: "Dad only has 6 weeks to slim down and fit in his tux for the wedding, can he do it???" ...6 weeks later... "He did it!" But that's what feel-good reality television is all about. Cheese. And tears. And more cheese.

This show won't give you specific diet plans or exercise regimens (Jill probably wants you to go to for that), but it will inspire you to work harder on whatever it is you are doing, and it will prrrrobably make you shed a tear.

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Jessica said...

I love the daughter that was yelling at her parents. "You're gonna be six feet undah!"