Saturday, June 5, 2010

My Problem with "Parenthood"

I like the show, but I can't stand most of the characters! The only cast members that I enjoy seeing on screen are Lauren Graham, Peter Krause, and Mae Whitman. Unfortunately, as this is a show about a huge family, there are nearly 1 million other cast members to deal with.

The premise of the show is appealing. After all, I've enjoyed watching the drama in the huge Walker family unfold for the past few years on ABC's Brothers and Sisters. But what Parenthood doesn't seem to understand is that you can be flawed and dramatic and still likable.The patriarch and matriarch of the family played by Craig T. Nelson and Bonnie Bedelia are not only flawed, they're annoying. They could stand to take a few lessons from the Sally Field School of Endearing Angry Acting. These characters, who are supposed to be foundation of the family, and the show, are the ones who make it uncomfortable to watch. The rest of the family is fine, but characters like Erika Christensen's Julia and Sarah Ramos's Haddie are so emotionally hard that it's difficult to like them.

I hope that in its second season, the writers work to make these characters into real people you want to succeed rather than people you don't care to see failing.
PS: I have to give the "I Thought I'd Hate You But You Turned Out Alright" award to Dax Shepard for stepping up and being great in the show when I completely expected him not to be.

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John M. Kirton II said...

Believe it or not, I agree with you . . . I've only watched it when there was ABSOLUTELY nothing else on & I was SO bored!

rebecca said...

sigh. i only have basic cable. adam can you advise re: programming?

G. said...

I tried to like this show, but I honestly cannot stand Lauren Graham.