Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Oh My Glee... Thoughts on the season finale

"We didn't even place," Artie laments during last night's season one finale of the FOX hit, Glee, after the team loses at the glee club regional contest. To which my immediate reaction was:

"Of course you didn't place. You NEVER rehearsed."

So is my main gripe with the television show said to spark the fire in America's youth to pursue the arts.

(And before I get the inevitable defenses from the diehard Gleeks, I acknowledge and understand that this is a show not fully based in reality and that it's more about having a good time with music than it is about accurately portraying lives of American high schoolers. Also, I generally enjoy the show so just hear me out.)

I just had a hard time watching this group of kids feel sorry for themselves about losing a contest they didn't really work for.

Here's the deal kids: when you DO practice, you look like Vocal Adrenaline with great music and sick (in a good way) choreography. When you don't practice, and instead spend the entire year pointlessly performing countless songs that you'll never sing again, you end up huddling around Artie in his wheelchair and clapping.Just look at Sue Sylvester's multi-award winning cheer leaders. Any episode we see them in, what are they typically doing? Rehearsing.

But the glee club on the other hand always just seems to magically pull numbers out of thin air complete with stage blocking, CD quality vocals, and new costumes. The only real issue the group faced this year was when Rachel came down with a case of "laryngitis." Not the kind of laryngitis that takes away your voice, but the kind that just makes you sing wrong notes to Miley Cyrus songs.

There were no late nights in the auditorium perfecting choreography, no hectic fundraisers to find a way to pay for costumes, and no dress rehearsals for the contest that the entire spring semester was dedicated to preparing for.

I wanted to pull for them, but I almost had no reason to (besides the fantastic song selection).

Here's to hoping Sue Sylvester becomes a for real co-director next year and that she breaks out that megaphone and whips those kids into shape, Cheerio style.

Besides that matter, I really enjoyed the music last night. "Any Way You Want It" reminded me of freshman year of high school performing that with my glee club, the Showboaters. Memories. Lea Michelle and Jonathan Groff's vocals were spot on and the rest of the cast had definitely improved over the course of the year (woo, Santana!).

I'm glad Glee's been renewed (for two more seasons already), and I'm eager to see what they do next.

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Unknown said...

Lol If you ran the show then it would have never been picked up for two more seasons. It would have never made it past the pilot. To say they never practiced is assuming things. It's television and of course they won't show that part of the story every time. Let's argue how they never go to the bathroom then. And if you're really asking them to rehearse and perfect one song every episode.. Then let's just rename the show "high school students try to perfect 'don't stop believing' every week and see how long before you get bored"

I normally agree with your reviews, but I just don't understand what you're looking for in this show. It's not MTV Made.