Sunday, July 18, 2010

Big Brother 12: Most Annoying Season Ever?

We're only two weeks into this season of my favorite reality show to deny that I watch, CBS's Big Brother, and I already feel ready to flip the switch.

Is it just me or is this not the most annoying cast ever to fill the Big Brother house? Now, don't get me wrong, I understand the general purpose of the show is to put 13 of the most terrible, attention-seeking, self-centered people in the world in one house for 60 days and see what happens, but I don't ever remember it being this bad.

In seasons past I've grown to love those people. Like in BB6 with Janelle, Kaysar, and Howie, or BB11 with Jeff and Jordan. But this year I'm embarrassed to be on anyone's side.This season it appears that Brendon and Rachel are attempting to be Jeff & Jordan 2.0, but their showmance happened so quickly to be believed as genuine, and it immediately put a giant target on their backs for everyone in the house to aim at. Also, these two tout their chemistry and science degrees to prove their intelligence, yet both continue to make dumb moves when it comes to BB game play.

(As I type this, I'm ashamed that I care this much.)

But despite my not-liking Brendon and Rachel, they are the two in this house I like the MOST.

The rest are just pretty terrible. "The Brigade" is an attempt at an Italian-style mafia group led by Enzo, or as he prefers to be called "The Meow Meow." And, really, there's nothing else to say about that. Then there's Hayden, who, and I'm not a Big Brother historian here, I'm pretty sure is the LOUDEST houseguest ever to exist. He is SO LOUD during his confessionals. Is he hard of hearing? Are they telling him to shout?

Turn his mic down, good grief.

Oh, and Annie being the saboteur and getting voted out on the first week was an #epicfail, which is too bad. That could've been fun.

So anyway, I could talk about the rest of them (Britney has no reason to be as bitter and unlikable as she is after only being there 2 weeks), but I don't care that much. I'll give it another week or two and see where we are.

Do yall like any of the contestants?

Who are your favorite contestants of years past?

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Rick Steadman said...

100% agree with you. When Brendan & Rachael are the most like-able of the group then you have to wonder why you even care what happens. It would be a nice surprise if they brought a couple of new people in mid-stream. Guess that won't happen though.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree too. It is very sad when Brendan and Rachel are the most likable. Rachel's fake laugh makes me want to pour clorox in my ear but she is still better than most of the others.

I like Kristin and hopefully she will distance herself from that goofy Shaggy headed Hayden.

Brittany and Monet are just horrible!! Their insecurity is completely nauseating and pathetically sad.

MAJOR EPIC FAIL on the Saboteur Annie getting voted out the first week. How retarded of you CBS!

The Brigade (stupid name) will never make it. Their name should have been "The Meatheads" or the "Lunkheads".

I look forward to this show every summer as my annual reality show indulgence but geez....this is a tough one.

iamrobyn said...

I agree - this season definitely isn't that great. I thought I liked Britney (she's for SURE the liveliest) but her cattiness has been getting to me the last few days. Thank the good Lord that Monet is gone now – I’m so sick of all the crying!! Enzo is awesome (come on, meow meow? You can’t even PAY someone to say something that ridiculous!) and Hayden’s nipples are getting more airtime than anyone else... everyone is so unique, but all of them together just don’t create any sort of sparks! Even the chemistry between the two couples is boring.

K. said...

I watch tv much like I stare down the barrel of a shotgun and complain about how much it sucks each and every time I do it.