Monday, October 8, 2012

New iPods! Does anyone still buy these??

This morning I stumbled upon the newest generation of Apple's iPods... With all the hubub about the iPhone 5 announcement, I didn't even realize that new iPods were also announced during the same event a few weeks ago. In any case, here's the latest:

iPod Touch got some cool colored backings:

iPod Nano is back to a bigger, portrait oriented screen (also with some snazzy colors):
And the iPod Shuffle with the buttons (and no screen) is back!:
They're all pretty cool, if you ask me. Except that I don't need any of them since I have an iPhone...

What about you guys? Are iPods still necessary?

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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Meeting Michael Buckley

I first joined the YouTube world on April 20, 2006. As far as the web video universe goes, this is back in the DAY. At that point, YouTube had been around a little longer than a year, and people were still trying to figure out what it was.

I'll be honest: I had been posting stupid short videos to websites like (heard of it anymore?) and Google Video thinking that YouTube was going to be a big flop. And now here we are...

Early on, my inspiration was a daily video blog called "RocketBoom." (It's still on but not with its original host, Amanda Congdon.) This was a daily show about whatever that ran on the Internet. Truly one of the firsts of its kind. So that's what I tried to emulate, and let me tell you: making a video every day is HARD. And for me, it lasted one week. One WORK week. So 5 days. Too much.

But as time went on, people began to emerge that were willing to put in the kind of effort required to make a regular show and build an audience. And one of those people was Michael Buckley. His fast paced vlogs on celebrity happenings gained huge popularity and made him into one of YouTube's first big "Partners" (the program through Google that allows video makers to monetize their content and generate revenue for video views and clicks on ads). I even did a speech on him in my college professional speaking class (for which I got a perfect 100), and people had no idea that there were people who were making videos online for their full time jobs!

The interesting thing about it is that when you hear that someone's job is to make YouTube videos, the general assumption is that it must be super easy. Well, lemme tell you: I make one video a week, it isn't my full time job, and it still can be super stressful. Not stressful in a sense that I don't enjoy doing it. But stressful in a sense that you want to make something on a regular basis that keeps this group of people entertained and coming back.

I don't know how Buck does it, but every week he makes anywhere from 3-5 videos (and many times more) for his nearly 1 million subscribers (seriously, he's only a couple hundred away so go to his channel and sub!), and every video has the same energy and positivity of the videos before.

I had the chance to visit Michael up in Connecticut a couple years ago with my friends Kristin and Jeffrey, and it was so cool to see someone as popular as he is (he is SUPER popular, yall) be so down-to-earth and welcoming of us. He is what YouTube is all about: someone who literally makes their videos in the spare bedroom of their house and writes, records, edits, and posts all of their own content.

This past week, Michael won a contest for LIVE! with Kelly and will be co-hosting the show along with Kelly Ripa on Tuesday, July 24 (with guest Will Ferrell!), and I could not be more excited for him. He definitely deserves it and will knock it out of the park. Who knows... maybe that gig could become a little more permanent!

So now, we take a trip back to the summer of 2010 to visit Michael Buckley with Kristin and Jeffrey.



Monday, May 28, 2012

Adam & Franze Go to Paris! - New Series

Howdy Yall!

This is a sneak peek at my new series coming to

Check it out and stay tuned!


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Survivor: One World recap - Kat Fight

The following are 28 crazy, stupid, ridiculous and funny quotes/observations from the May 2, 2012 episode of Survivor, "It's Gonna Be Chaos":

1. I'm the most powerful player in this game. 

2. Sprint!

3. You better win the next challenge cuz I had to work two doubles to make this trip happen.

4. Hi Tweety, how's my Tarzan doing?

5. The fact that I teared up when they reunited with their loves ones. 

6. Kat's bear crawl

7. Kat's cousin

8. Tarzan's wife

9. We have a quantum entanglement. 

10. I won one, guys!

11. Oh my God. I'm about to get drunk. 

12. Kat... She would be the person that would have a show like, "How the Million Dollars Ruined My Life in a Year," and she doesn't know where she spent the money. 

13. I just wanna win this one! Kim wins all of them!

14. You aren't gonna high five me right now?

15. No. 

16. To lose to someone who's 28 years old. Who's six years older than me. Its like, how embarrassing is that?

17. It's amazing how we control the show. 

18. It was probably the hardest thing I've ever had to do in my whole life... It's very frustrating, and it does hurt my feelings. 

19. Jeff, again: I am 22. I am a little naive. 

20. Is this whole tribal council about me? I had no idea this was going to happen. 

21. Dude, what is this?

22. If it is gonna be a blindside, it's gonna be pretty funny and like, like exciting. 

23. Blindsides are always fun and exciting!

24. If it goes down, cool beans, and if it doesn't, touché. Whatever. 

25. Kat, Kat, Kat... 12th person voted out, and the sixth member of our jury: Kat. 

26. Kat, the tribe has spoken. Time for you to go. 

27. Well that was fun. See ya later, Kat!

28. Touché.

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

19 Things from Survivor - "Never Say Die"

19 annoying, ridiculous, or questionable things from Survivor: One World, "Never Say Die":

1. "I think that everybody feels kinda married to our alliance." -Kim

2. "I think it's just time for me to be able to go on something (reward)." -Kat

3. Alicia

4. Alicia's doll

5. "He's become the molecular substrate of this island so he dos belong on this island." -Tarzan

6. Kat's doll's hoodie

7. Kim winning reward

8. "Glad y'all are here with me. No one else I wanted to bring more." -Kim

9. "I'm pissed because I have to listen to Troyzan about, like, I'm a follower and I don't make any decisions for myself, and that Kim is the lead player. I don't believe that." -Kat, lead follower

10. Kat crying

11. "I'm sitting in my spot."

12. "This is literally the worst thing that's happened to me since this game started is I won this freaking challenge today." -Kim, joyous challenge winner

13. Bring an ax!

14. Kill the pig!

15. Troyzan lassoing the pig

16. Kim winning immunity

17. Does the pig just live with them now?

18. "I'm a special ed. teacher so I handle Christina as one of my students."-Alicia

19. Christina's "what's going on?" face.

Note: I borrowed this much more concise format for a recap from Christopher Rosen and his awesome piece on this week's Smash:

Thursday, April 19, 2012

My 6th YouTube Anniversary!

Six years ago today, I joined the incredible website known as YouTube. For some time before that I had been uploading videos on and Google Video because I thought that those would be the next big thing. Now, neither of them is still around, and YouTube has essentially taken over the world.

But six years, 280 videos, and six million+ views later, I'm still having just as much fun as when I started, and I'm meeting new people and experiencing new things every single day, thanks to YouTube (and YOU).

I often have to remind myself of just how awesome of a deal I've got here: I get to take millions of people from around the world with me on my trips to the Disney Parks; I got to watch the final season of my favorite show, LOST, with hundreds of thousands more; and every week I share the adventures I have with my friends and family that I will now have documented for the rest of my life. Plus, I hear that quite a few people get a kick out of my dad, and he definitely loves the attention :)

YouTube's also connected me to so many people I never would have known otherwise like Kristin Saine, Michael Buckley, and KoolJeffrey, and countless others from YouTube and Twitter whom I all consider friends.I've even met a few of you out in the wild! There was Emily in Austin at a Jack's Mannequin concert, David in Orlando at Walt Disney World, and the kid who yelled "Hey, LOST Guy!" at me outside the Business School at the University of Texas. Thanks for saying Hello-- it was really great to put faces to usernames. Also, it made me look SUPER cool in front of my friends...

I'd like to say THANK YOU to anyone who has watched one or all of my videos, who has commented, faved, or Liked (remember 5 stars?) my videos, or who follows me on Twitter (extra points for following both of my accounts on Twitter-- I don't know how you can put up with that much Adam). Incidentally, this week was also my 4th anniversary on Twitter so there's just all sorts of digital media celebration to be had!

I leave you with a few of my favorite videos over the past six years:

The Facebook Breakup:

LOST Pre-Finale Special (non-LOSTies should like this too):

Do the Halo:

Disneyland Halloween 2011:

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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

SURVIVOR: One World - Bum-Puzzled

Just to start, I have to say: I am SO glad there's no Redemption Island this season. There, I said it.

Now to the episode: It's great how, after winning two challenges, the women's team thinks that they are the masters of the island. When one of the men asks to borrow their net (and offering them half of the fish they catch), Chelsea laughs about how "interesting" it is that the "roles have reversed." "At the beginning, it was us struggling, and now the boys come by wanting everything we win in challenges."

OK Chelsea, yall won ONE reward challenge, and they want to use the fishing net that yall don't know how to work. Whereas yall (the women's team) begged and pleaded for the men to give you fire, and when they wouldn't, literally stole fire from the men and moved in to their camp when you couldn't keep yours going.

I'm not saying either team is incredible at sustaining life on the island, but let's not get ahead of ourselves, ladies.

So it's time for the reward challenge. Up for grabs is either pillows and blankets, a tarp, or donuts and coffee. Pretty much every loses their minds over the donuts (is it REALLY that bad out there?)

The teams have to launch coconuts at a structure of wooden targets. It seems like one of the more difficult challenges as you can hit the target and knock out part of it but that still not count if the full target isn't knocked out.

To win the game, the teams must be first to fully knock out five targets in a row. The women ultimately win the challenge (it was close but not too close) and choose the tarp as reward. Thank goodness.

But as much as I'm annoyed by the girls' newfound cockiness, the men poo-pooing their win as "just luck," saying "we didn't have time to learn the game," reeked of sore loserness.

Luckily some interesting drama erupted around camp when Leif opened his big mouth to Bill that the men's "Misfits" alliance wanted to vote him out, specifically their leader, Colton (remember the guy who said he had no allies on his team? Ya, he's the leader of the majority alliance on the men's team. Go figure).

So naturally Colton confronts Leif, saying that he sealed his fate by telling Bill the Misfits' plans. So it looks like Leif is on top of the chopping block this week. IF the men lose. And considering the women got in a fight about the next challenge AS they were reading their tree mail, it's anyone's game to lose at this point.

Kat says "I'm not good at puzzles so I need to be paired with someone that's good at puzzles," and it was as if she had told Alicia that she was going to set her family's house on fire.

"Are you saying I'm not smart??? I can't put together puzzles??" I'm sorry, what?

As I've said from day one, ALEESEEYA is a lose canon. Girl has got to go.

On to the Immunity Challenge: the teams are separated into pairs. The pairs must cross over a teeter-totter and then solve a puzzle (on pair at a time). The men quickly solve their first puzzle, while the first pair of ladies, puzzle masters, ALEESEEYA and Chelsea (the "roles have reversed" girl) cannot for the life of them solve the first puzzle, which Jeff reminds them is the easiest puzzle. So what do they do? Look at the men's solved puzzle for rescue. OH, HOW THE ROLES HAVE REVERSED!

Meanwhile, as the ladies attempt to solve puzzle #1, the men are finishing up puzzle #3 eventually finished the entire challenge (winning immunity) before the women were even finished from puzzle 2.

Please ladies, PLEASE: I will forget about everything ridiculous you've done this season if you will just get rid of ALEESEEYA tonight. Seriously, we'll start back at square one.

Luckily, after essentially losing the challenge for the team, ALEESEEYA laughed about how "easy" that puzzle was and how she shouldn't have lost it. It's like with every word she says she scoops out more and more of her own grave.

But wait, not too fast, despite NOT GOING TO TRIBAL, Bill decides to confront Colton about why Colton wants to vote him out. The whole argument is ridiculous. At the moment I can't really listen to either of them bickering. But it's what Colton suggests afterward: what if the men go to tribal tonight instead of the women so he can get rid of Bill immediately?

WHAT?! What are you doing? Get off this show! This is SURVIVOR.

What's even crazier, is that the men think it's a good idea! Let's give the women our immunity and vote out Bill! THEN they tell the women that they want to go to Tribal! WHAT ON EARTH?

They're making the women look like freaking geniuses! It's Jay who finally delivers the line inspiring tonight's episode title, "I'll have you guys know, I'm completely bum-puzzled right now." Me too, Jay. Me. Too.

INSANELY, it's ultimately the men who waddle their way into Tribal Council. They GAVE women the immunity that they won by a long shot. This will be. The most. Stupid. Decision every made in SURVIVOR history.

So it appears that Leif is the one they're sending home for betraying the alliance by telling Bill that Colton wanted him gone. But I thought the whole point of going to Tribal was to send Bill home? Am I dreaming right now? Is this real life?

Somehow Tribal becomes about how Colton think Bill has a bad life plan by wanting to be a stand up comic. Besides the fact that I don't think Bill is funny, at all, and I'd agree that he needs to not try to be a comic, I have no idea WHAT it has to do with anything... WAIT, now this is about RACE?! WHAT IS THIS SHOW? Jeff, do something about this! Make them vote now!

Finally Jeff says it's time to vote, after saying, "This Tribal Council will go down as one of the craziest in the history of this game." No, it is THE craziest. The only thing missing was a random performance by Cirque du Soleil.

Ultimately, it turns out the whole getting-rid-of-Leif thing was just a coverup as they unanimously sent Bill home. Good grief. I need a minute to process the last 30 minutes of this episode.

I don't know... I just. This is literally, the dumbest cast of SURVIVOR ever. I mean, even worse than those girls who hung around Russell all day doing whatever he told them to.

Alright, I'm done with this. That was insane.


Thursday, February 23, 2012

SURVIVOR: One World - Total Dysfunction

OK let's be real. No one likes Alicia, right? Her "If I saw her swimming in an ocean and she was drowning, I'd probably look the other way," line was not only a terribly poor imitation of Sue's original "if you were dying of thirst, I wouldn't give you a drink of water," speech, but it also made Alicia look like a completely heartless mean lady. But I'm sure she'll give us many more examples of that as the season goes on, assuming she stays (and these people always do).

So to the business of the game: the survivors had a "do-it-yourself" reward challenge where the prize is a tarp (in other words, Jeff wanted to sleep in that day). They basically have to untie the world's biggest braided knot and remove a ring. The men win. Sorry for not being more detailed about it, but the challenge itself wasn't very interesting. It just kinda happened, and that's that.

But what's so great is that the men set up their tarp (with no help from Colton) and declared that their camp is probably the "best camp in history." Alright then! Meanwhile, Colton spends Most of his time at the girls' camp and is literally building their shelter with them. But the ladies don't necessarily want him just hanging out all the time. He becomes a "virus they can't get rid of," and they kick him out, but he keeps coming back (hence the "can't get rid of" bit)!

Colton calls a meeting with the ladies and announces that he has determined, after 3 days of being in the island, that he has "no one here" and wants to know if he can just live at the girls' camp...

What is in the water on this island? Why are people so freaking crazy? Oh wait! Colton freaking just showing some of the guys his Immunity Idol! Why on earth??? (I'm watching as I type.) Five minutes ago, Colton had "no one," and now he has an alliance, of which he is the head.

Immunity Challenge this week is an interesting one. The survivors have to stand on a balance beam and walk across one-by-one, making sure not to knock any of the others off. The best part was that you could only ever touch one other person at a time. If you broke the rules, you have to jump in the water and start over. This challenge really revealed that the men work very well together and that Kat is a completely useless moron.
Kat literally jumped in the water twice just for the heck of it. No other reason at all! The men were able to complete the challenge entirely before the women were even able to get two people across the beam. Colton better seriously reconsider his ridiculous desire to be on their team.

So it's probably between Kat and Nina (or "the walking dead," as Sabrina describes her) tonight at Tribal.

I mean, I would say it's obvious that Kat will go home, but people on the island are stupid so there's a huge chance Nina will go home, even if it's only because of her constant use of the word "witless."

Tribal gets off to a good start. It's always fun when Jeff says that any tribe is the worst in Survivor history. Nina immediately goes after Kat, challenging her to a "Life Experience Duel." Nina brings 13 years on in the LAPD and Kat brings "I'm outdoors a lot and I work in sales." Not a good pitch, Kat. I'm not buying.

Alicia opens her mouth again. This time she says it's embarrassing for her because women at home can't root for their tribe after their performance at the immunity challenge. Interestingly enough, she doesn't seem to be at all embarrassed by her earlier confession that she would willingly let Kristina drown. Alright then.

So the women vote. Jeff speedily tallies them. And Nina is sent home! Another win for the women's tribe!

Maybe CBS just didn't show us what Nina did to rub everyone the wrong way? Or maybe the tribe is just stupid...

I guess time will tell! The thunderstorm next week looks like a doozy. Can't wait!

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

SURVIVOR: One World - Premiere!

It's a new season and finally a new setup! Gone is Redemption Island, and gone are the returning cast members looking for a little more time in the spotlight. Finally!

Let's get started.

When the castaways emerge from the truck bringing them to the island, we're quickly introduced to "Tarzan" and "Troyzan" (who wants to be the new Coach, btw), but we don't meet all of the castaways until Jeff announces how the tribes are split: men vs. women.

There's the typical "boys rule, girls drool!" banter back and forth between the tribes, but Jeff squelches that nonsense when he instructs the tribes to take as many supplies from the truck as they can.

The women end up with coconuts and bananas, and the men end up with everything else, thanks to island robber Michael stealing it from the women's pile.

So off they go to their camp. Men one way, women the other until... What is this? The men's and women's camps are the same! They're the same camp! The same. Camp! Salani and Manono in one place. I keep repeating because none of the survivors seemed to understand the concept.

But there's no time for understanding when there's wild chickens to be caught! After noticing a few chickens running around like their heads are cut off (but they aren't... yet), the men and women decide that they'll split the chickens 50/50, but one of the women catches them first and decides that, "Ya, prob not gonna give up the chicken to ya sorreeezzz."

Well, by golly, the chicken line has been drawn.

So the tribes get to work on their shelter, and Colton (or Country Club Colton as the women dubbed him), immediately strikes up a friendship with the ladies and flat out asks them to give him the clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol, should they find it. Alright then.

Well, you can see how basically this season is gonna be out of control crazy with alliances, fake alliances, backstabbing, and cross-alliance broohaha.

The men get their fire going first and the ladies come a' running. The women want to trade a chicken for fire, they want to steal the fire, and then eventually they offer to take off their pants for the fire. None of the offers are taken.

The girls don't want the fire for its practical uses. Instead, some of them say they just want the camp fire "setting," an "ambiance" if you will (well one of the girls wants an ambiance and another one of the girls doesn't know what ambiance means. Seriously). But the men do not give it up. No fire for you!

Until they wait for the boys to fall asleep and they go steal the fire. But the geniuses that stole it let the fire die in the middle of the night.

This is going to be a GREAT season!!

I don't want to judge people too quickly, but I can't stand Alicia. She reminds me of Natalie from BB11, and that's not a good thing.
So Sabrina looks in one tree stump and has already found the Hidden Immunity Idol... BUT it's only for the Manono tribe, and she must give it to one of their members before the first Tribal Council. She immediately says she'll probs give it to Country Club Colton, but we'll see if she follows through!

The first Immunity Challenge gets underway. It's a typical kind of obstacle course mess with a big bouncy net that leads to lots of fun, ridiculous crashes. None of them fall quite as gracefully as the trapeze people at the circus fall into their nets. But you win some, you lose some.

The mens are quick to get four across the balance beam and... Wait, WHAT? Someone's already injured?? What the Face?! Kourtney has "broken" her wrist, and they have to bring in medical. This is insane. They have to give her an x-ray and the challenge is over. Or is it?!

The men can take the win by forfeit, OR they can redo the challenge and give the women a chance to win the challenge.

So the men actually do the smart thing and take the win, much to the women's SHOCK and SURPRISE! WHY would you EVER do such a crazy thing?

One of the women put it very nicely, "They don't care... This is a no mercy game." Yes, maybe you've heard the title of the show. It's SURVIVOR. It would be pure insanity to not take the win when it is offered.

Back at camp, Sabrina gives Colton her Idol with hopes that he will work for her in the future. And Colton promises to take Matt down with it, using a line that he surely prepared before he got to the island for an occasion just like this, "We're gonna cut his throat faster than Taylor Swift will write a song about an ex-boyfriend."

The girls have to go to Tribal Council, and the obvious choice would be to ax Courtney, the girl who broke her wrist 5 minutes into the game. But despite this, Alicia pledges to call out... Oh, wait a second, Jeff just called her "A-lee-see-ah." I REALLY don't like her now... OK A-lee-see-ah pledges to call out Christina at Tribal, and she does, quite unnecessarily. Making a huge deal out of nothing and making everyone else hate her too.

Oh, DANG. Christina just goes, "Because you're WRONG. So SHUT UP." And Alicia responds that if they were in Chicago, she would punch Christina in the face. What on EARTH is happening here? There's a girl with a broken wrist! She's going home! Peace and blessings let's be done here.

And Jeff finally, mercifully reveals: Kourtney DID break her wrist, she IS going home, and no one else is. What a freaking let down. Thanks a lot, Kourtney. First episode and no vote at Tribal! Sheesh!

Still, it looks to be an amazing, ridiculous, dramatic season.

Let's see what's happening next week...

Jeff says the women fall apart, and Sabrina calls Colton a virus! Sounds perfect! Can't wait!

Who do you think will prevail in the end? Do the men vs. women "tribes" even matter, or will all the alliances be cross-tribal? Who do you love/hate?

See you next time!

Let's talk!

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Sunday, February 12, 2012


I recently got to visit my friend Kristin in the great state of Arizona!

This is my one day adventure in the desert state. We had sushi at Geisha-a-Go-Go, brunch at the Rokerij, and spent the day at the PGA Waste Management Phoenix Open!


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Revenge: Perception ... Emily's Voice Overs

Show Open:

"Years ago, I met a boy who introduced me to a book: The Marriage of Heaven and Hell. In it, William Blake writes, 'If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is: infinite.' But in reality, our perception is often clouded... by expectations, by experiences... As of late, I find my perception is blinded by only one thing: revenge."

Show Close:

"Truth is a battle of perceptions. People only see what they're prepared to confront. It's not what you look at that matters but what you see. And when different perceptions battle against one another, the truth has a way of getting lost, and the monsters find a way of getting out."

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What if we said this about people?

I saw this on the projector I used today... Here's to hoping my "useful life" is very long!

Dear Adam...

I wrote myself a note today. It's not that I'm mean per se, it's just that I can probably work on being a lot nicer.

And also I need to pick up milk from the store.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

My Dad Still Thinks He's a Rapper...

You may remember my dad's rap debut last year in honor of my nephew's birth. Well, now that the little guy's one year old, just like Jay Z, my dad's coming out of retirement and dropping a new single.

So first, let's refresh your memory with the original: "#1 Grandson."

Now that you've lived through that, I present "#1 Grandson Part 2"... Enjoy?

So there you have it. My dad's rap career is alive and kicking once more.

And to answer the question before you ask it, yes, I'm fielding many offers, but Jay asked me for a couple weeks since he just had a baby and all. I said, "Sure, fine, but only 2 weeks then you better call me back or we're going with Dre."

So I'll keep you posted.

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Walt Disney World Half Marathon 2012

To say I'm not really a runner is generous. I don't run, at all. Or at least I didn't run at all since I stopped playing soccer my freshman year of high school.

But my friend Danielle told me about the RunDisney marathons where you run at either Walt Disney World or Disneyland and at the end you get these big medals shaped like the characters. Then she also told me that if you run at least a half marathon at both Disney World and Disneyland in the same year, you get a third "Coast to Coast" medal as reward.

I'm not kidding you when I say the Coast to Coast medal is most of, if not all of, the reason I decided to start running. And I'm not ashamed!

So for a little more than six months I "trained" in preparation for the Walt Disney World Half Marathon that took place on January 7, 2012. And as fate would have it, I actually love running now! This was my experience start to finish:

As you can see, it was pretty freaking awesome. Disney knows what they're doing.

Which is why I've already signed myself up for the Disneyland Half Marathon in September!

Visit for more details... Hope to see you there!
(If I can do it, you can do it. Seriously. Seriously...)

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Cougar Town Viewing Party - Austin, Texas

What do you get when you mix an incredibly funny cast with a terrible title for a TV show?

Cougar Town!

Yes, a town of cougars seeking to date younger men headed up by Courtney Cox is how this show's premise began. Nowadays, Courtney and her gang of neighbors/wine buddies deliver a consistently hilarious sitcom about drinking wine and hanging out with friends every single week. Well, it was every week until ABC took it off the air with no set return date. That really sucked big time.

But I'm ready to put the past behind me because ABC is bringing the Cul-de-sac Crew (that's what they call themselves) back together for 15 episodes beginning Tuesday, February 14. So cancel those Valentine's Day plans everyone! Or if you don't have any Valentine's Day plans, continue to not have any plans, everyone!

I was lucky enough to be invited to one of the Cougar Town Viewing Parties organized by the show's producers during the hiatus as a way to thank the fans for their support. The party I attended was held on January 28 at the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, Texas. Hundreds of people packed the Drafthouse for the party, and let me tell you: it was fan-flipping-tastic!Kevin Biegel, who created the show along with Bill Lawrence (Scrubs anyone?), was there with writer Blake McCormick and cast members Ian Gomez (Come on!) and Dan Byrd.

The show bought drinks for everyone in the audience and brought along three brand new episodes to watch, including the season premiere and episodes four and five. Now, I'm not one to spoil TV shows so I'm not gonna say what goes down, but I will say that imaginary hats were tipping all over the place after each episode aired (that's Cougar Town speak meaning they were REALLY good).

And also, I WILL be "sharking" someone's car very soon after the season premiere airs so watch out, friends.

Episode five features several references to classic Disney movie music as well as a special reuniting of some of the Scrubs gang (including one of my favorites, Sarah Chalk) that inspired such thunderous applause and laughter that we could barely hear what they were saying on screen. Worth it.Finally, after the episodes aired they did a short Q&A session, gave out a signed script, and played PENNY CAN to give away autographed authentic Bobby Cobb penny cans! (I didn't win anything, but had fun nonetheless.)It was a great night with tons o' laughs, my friends. Tons o' laughs.

Now for your homework: WATCH Cougar Town Tuesdays at 8:30/7:30c on ABC and tell all your friends to too!

The conversation can go something like this:

YOU: You know that show Cougar Town on ABC?

YOUR FRIEND: You mean that terrible show about Monica from Friends dating young guys?

YOU: No, but see, no, no that's not what it's about at all. Actually, it's awesome.

YOUR FRIEND: Seriously?

YOU: Yes, seriously. You should watch it, and if you don't, we can't be friends anymore.

YOUR FRIEND: Fine, I guess we aren't friends anymore.

YOU: OK, OK, OK, we can still be friends. Watch it and I'll buy you Chipotle.


So, see? It'll just cost you one Chipotle to get your friend hooked on a great show and to make sure it comes back next year. And you get to keep your friend! Win, win, win!

See you on Valentine's Day!

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

TOUCH Preview on FOX

Tonight they aired the pilot episode of Kiefer Sutherland (24)'s new show, Touch on FOX.

The show centers around Kiefer's son Jake who doesn't speak to or touch anyone (including his dad). Jake spends all of his time writing sequences of numbers into a sketchpad and arranging objects in patterns. Most of it doesn't make sense to anyone around him until they start putting the numbers and patterns together and realizing that it all means something.

I was hooked after just the introduction to the show, which includes a voiceover by Jake, a portion of which is included in the video preview below. He says that the universe is arranged in patterns and that everything and everyone is connected (ironic, because he won't talk to or physically touch (or CONNECT WITH) anyone himself).

The show is a combination of Numbers and Crash with a hint of LOST. (Hello, people obsessing over sequences of numbers? PLUS the Man in Black?!?)

I liked it a lot. Yes, some may have found the part where a cell phone was passed around the world allowing a series of fortunate events to miraculously take place between complete strangers a little cheesy, but sometimes cheesy is OK. Plus I'm a big fan of Crash, and to be honest, I'm a little obsessed with finding connections between things too so I didn't have a problem with it.

(I'm the guy that always says, "If I would've had a sandwich instead of soup for lunch, my entire day would have turned out differently." And it's TRUE!)

So I'm a little bummed the show doesn't officially premiere until March 19, but I will certainly look forward to it and more episodes to see where it goes.