Sunday, January 29, 2012

My Dad Still Thinks He's a Rapper...

You may remember my dad's rap debut last year in honor of my nephew's birth. Well, now that the little guy's one year old, just like Jay Z, my dad's coming out of retirement and dropping a new single.

So first, let's refresh your memory with the original: "#1 Grandson."

Now that you've lived through that, I present "#1 Grandson Part 2"... Enjoy?

So there you have it. My dad's rap career is alive and kicking once more.

And to answer the question before you ask it, yes, I'm fielding many offers, but Jay asked me for a couple weeks since he just had a baby and all. I said, "Sure, fine, but only 2 weeks then you better call me back or we're going with Dre."

So I'll keep you posted.

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