Wednesday, April 25, 2012

19 Things from Survivor - "Never Say Die"

19 annoying, ridiculous, or questionable things from Survivor: One World, "Never Say Die":

1. "I think that everybody feels kinda married to our alliance." -Kim

2. "I think it's just time for me to be able to go on something (reward)." -Kat

3. Alicia

4. Alicia's doll

5. "He's become the molecular substrate of this island so he dos belong on this island." -Tarzan

6. Kat's doll's hoodie

7. Kim winning reward

8. "Glad y'all are here with me. No one else I wanted to bring more." -Kim

9. "I'm pissed because I have to listen to Troyzan about, like, I'm a follower and I don't make any decisions for myself, and that Kim is the lead player. I don't believe that." -Kat, lead follower

10. Kat crying

11. "I'm sitting in my spot."

12. "This is literally the worst thing that's happened to me since this game started is I won this freaking challenge today." -Kim, joyous challenge winner

13. Bring an ax!

14. Kill the pig!

15. Troyzan lassoing the pig

16. Kim winning immunity

17. Does the pig just live with them now?

18. "I'm a special ed. teacher so I handle Christina as one of my students."-Alicia

19. Christina's "what's going on?" face.

Note: I borrowed this much more concise format for a recap from Christopher Rosen and his awesome piece on this week's Smash:

Thursday, April 19, 2012

My 6th YouTube Anniversary!

Six years ago today, I joined the incredible website known as YouTube. For some time before that I had been uploading videos on and Google Video because I thought that those would be the next big thing. Now, neither of them is still around, and YouTube has essentially taken over the world.

But six years, 280 videos, and six million+ views later, I'm still having just as much fun as when I started, and I'm meeting new people and experiencing new things every single day, thanks to YouTube (and YOU).

I often have to remind myself of just how awesome of a deal I've got here: I get to take millions of people from around the world with me on my trips to the Disney Parks; I got to watch the final season of my favorite show, LOST, with hundreds of thousands more; and every week I share the adventures I have with my friends and family that I will now have documented for the rest of my life. Plus, I hear that quite a few people get a kick out of my dad, and he definitely loves the attention :)

YouTube's also connected me to so many people I never would have known otherwise like Kristin Saine, Michael Buckley, and KoolJeffrey, and countless others from YouTube and Twitter whom I all consider friends.I've even met a few of you out in the wild! There was Emily in Austin at a Jack's Mannequin concert, David in Orlando at Walt Disney World, and the kid who yelled "Hey, LOST Guy!" at me outside the Business School at the University of Texas. Thanks for saying Hello-- it was really great to put faces to usernames. Also, it made me look SUPER cool in front of my friends...

I'd like to say THANK YOU to anyone who has watched one or all of my videos, who has commented, faved, or Liked (remember 5 stars?) my videos, or who follows me on Twitter (extra points for following both of my accounts on Twitter-- I don't know how you can put up with that much Adam). Incidentally, this week was also my 4th anniversary on Twitter so there's just all sorts of digital media celebration to be had!

I leave you with a few of my favorite videos over the past six years:

The Facebook Breakup:

LOST Pre-Finale Special (non-LOSTies should like this too):

Do the Halo:

Disneyland Halloween 2011:

Share your faves with me on Twitter at @adamrucker and @ruckermore!