Wednesday, April 25, 2012

19 Things from Survivor - "Never Say Die"

19 annoying, ridiculous, or questionable things from Survivor: One World, "Never Say Die":

1. "I think that everybody feels kinda married to our alliance." -Kim

2. "I think it's just time for me to be able to go on something (reward)." -Kat

3. Alicia

4. Alicia's doll

5. "He's become the molecular substrate of this island so he dos belong on this island." -Tarzan

6. Kat's doll's hoodie

7. Kim winning reward

8. "Glad y'all are here with me. No one else I wanted to bring more." -Kim

9. "I'm pissed because I have to listen to Troyzan about, like, I'm a follower and I don't make any decisions for myself, and that Kim is the lead player. I don't believe that." -Kat, lead follower

10. Kat crying

11. "I'm sitting in my spot."

12. "This is literally the worst thing that's happened to me since this game started is I won this freaking challenge today." -Kim, joyous challenge winner

13. Bring an ax!

14. Kill the pig!

15. Troyzan lassoing the pig

16. Kim winning immunity

17. Does the pig just live with them now?

18. "I'm a special ed. teacher so I handle Christina as one of my students."-Alicia

19. Christina's "what's going on?" face.

Note: I borrowed this much more concise format for a recap from Christopher Rosen and his awesome piece on this week's Smash: